What does the Nexus Confirmation email mean?

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If you received a Nexus Confirmation email from NeuStar, you need to prove that you comply with the Nexus requirements.

You must reply to the email you received from NeuStar, giving a written response describing how you qualify under one or some of the Nexus categories.

  • Category 1 – You are a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Category 2 – You are a US business or organization
  • Category 3 – You are a “foreign entity organization that has a bona fide presence in the United States of America or any of its possessions or territories.”

If you do not respond to the email or are unable to explain or demonstrate that you meet any of the Nexus Requirements, you will risk loosing the domain name in question.

You will be given 30 days to demonstrate to the Registry Operator that you do comply with the Nexus. If you do not demonstrate compliance within this timeframe the Registry Operator will delete the domain from the registry database. You will not receive a refund for the registration fee. Once your registration of the domain has been deleted, someone else may register the domain name for their use.

If your registration is deleted because you failed to demonstrate that you meet the US Nexus Requirements, there will be no refund of registration fees made to Registrants or Registrars.

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