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Article Traceroute, whois, ping, and dig.
The traceroute, whois, ping, and dig tools are very informative. There are many ways to run the commands, but here are the easiest. 1) Goto...
Article How to handle the Google Attack Page
When you see the dreaded Google attack site warning, you should immediately email Be sure to include your domain name because...
Article Stolen Credit Card, unauthorized signup
Did someone make a fraudulent charge to your credit card or PayPal? Please, email with your first and last name, the amount and...
Article My FTP is really slow or disconnects often. Why?
Go into your FTP options and see if passive mode is checked ,if it is, uncheck it. If it is not checked, try checking it. This should solve your...
Article How can I prevent hacking?
The most important thing to do is keep your passwords a secret. If you must give a password to someone, be sure to change it when they are done...