Payment was made from an foreign ip address, PayPal phishing scam

Here is a phishing scam we have been seeing lately, forwarded message is pasted below. Notice the email payment was allegedly sent to and the link given to cancel the transaction is not PayPal ( This is an email sent to people from a spoofed email ( Anyone can disregard it. This payment was not sent to us, and you can log into your billing account to see.

Date: 2009/9/16
Subject: *Payment initiated*
To: joe123@domain.tld

You have initiated a payment for $24.00 USD to

*Payment details*
Amount: $24.00 USD
Transaction ID: 5C53687F7327933R

Because the payment was made from an foreign ip address, we put the transaction ID 5C53687F7327933R on hold.

To cancel this payment, please follow the link below:
*Cancel Transaction ID 5C53687F7327933R*.


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